Best Jumpshot 2K23 For Big Men
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Best Jumpshot 2K23 For Big Men

Jump shooting effectively is one of the key components to excelling at NBA Best Jumpshot 2K23, particularly for tall players who wish to make it difficult for opponents to defend them in the paint.

This base for shooting guards makes an excellent combination of A- or better grades in release height, defense immunity, and timing impact.

1. Oshae Brissett

This best jumpshot 2k23 for big men is one of the best on the market, serving as an excellent foundation with its high three-point rating and quick, smooth shot that provides a good pace while releasing height impact.

The NBA 2K23 season 6 best jump shot for all point guards and shooting guard builds (current and next-gen) is an ideal solution for point guards who possess an effective jump shot with an accurate, quick release that provides a large green window most of the time – it makes an excellent foundation for any player with a 91+ 3-point rating!

This NBA 2K23 season 7 best jumpshot for all SF & PF builds is ideal for players looking to maximize their shot. This quick, fluid move can help make opponents pay for leaving you open in the paint.

2. Lamelo Ball

NBA 2K23’s Top Jumpshots for SG and PG Build (Current Gen/Next Gen)

Point guards are integral components of every team’s success, and having a reliable jump shot is paramount to their success. NBA 2K23 provides multiple outstanding options suitable for players of different heights.

Lamelo Ball provides an outstanding combination of speed and accuracy, making it perfect for quick spot-ups that beat most defenders to the basket. Furthermore, its Timing Impact Rating makes it simple to hit.

Steph Curry provides outstanding ratings across the board. This jumpshot is ideal for point guards needing an efficient three-point shot; fast and accurate with only slightly reduced timing impact ratings as its only drawback.

3. Montrezl Harrell

Current and next gen gamers alike will find this jumpshot for big men to be the easiest one to time in the game and compatible with virtually all builds.

This NBA 2K23 Season 4 Jump Shot Base is perfect for all builds, boasting an excellent three point rating and being among the fastest bases available – making it ideal for smaller builds.

It is one of the premier jump shots available to large players and has a high three point rating. Additionally, its defensive immunity, release speed and timing impact

are exceptional. Our NBA 2K23 MyCAREER best jumping badges guide has all of these skills for every player type; find one to improve performance on court!

4. Oscar Robertson

NBA 2K23 offers a range of jump shot animations to help you achieve the shooting style you prefer. Each animation comes equipped with its own set of characteristics such as release height, defensive immunity and timing impact; but finding which animation best matches up with your player’s height may prove tricky.

To help you select the ideal jump shot for your MyPlayer, we have created a comprehensive list of top jump shots at various heights. By following this guide you can unlock green windows at higher heights through finding animations which perfectly reflect their physical attributes.

5. Rudy Gay

Rudy Gay’s shot is one of the premier NBA 2K23 jump shots Season 8 for big men, boasting smooth, quick, and easy execution with excellent stats in every area: release Height A+; timing Impact B+ and Defense Immunity A+.

For players who like taking long-range twos in competition, this option provides an effective defense. Furthermore, its durability makes it suitable for use against opponents who try to shoot over.

As with Gilgeous-Alexander’s shot, this one works well on any MyPlayer size and any distance range. Additionally, its versatility means it’s suitable for three-point and midrange shooting – even at close ranges – and boasts a solid B+ Release Speed rating and A+ Timing Impact score to make it easy to hit on most builds.

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