How to Breed Trox
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How to Breed Trox

Trox is a three-element monster with electric drum-kit-esque sound effects. It can be bred with any three-element monster, though breeding time tends to be longer compared to most three-element creatures in the game.

Trox is unique among Monsters as she cannot be bred in the Nursery; rather, her eggs must be “disposed” of into inactive Wublins, Celestials and Vessels in order for reproduction to take place.


Trox is an uncommon monster found in My Singing Monsters that features large eyes and two long horns on its head. As an Earth element monster, Trox particularly enjoys playing near Drumpler, Kayna, Trumplite & Traveler’s Sign and can produce good coin production if placed near Wishing Torches.

To breed this monster, players will require two creatures that can mate together and are at least level 4. After placing them on an island with a breeding structure and without other monsters around, breeding should occur naturally.

Some monster combinations do not pair well together and, should a Seasonal Event be active at the time of breeding, may alter its results. Timing of breeding is also critical as each monster takes time to reproduce itself; here are some tips and tricks that may increase players’ chances of producing these rare beasts.

Parent Monsters

If the parent monsters are at least level four, they can be combined in a Breeding Structure to produce an egg that may take minutes, hours or even days to hatch into a new monster.

Different combinations produce various monsters, so it is vitally important to identify and implement suitable breeding times and pairings for particular monsters in order to prevent duplicate monsters that would waste breeding time and structures.

Single element monsters are relatively straightforward to breed, while double elements require mating two monsters with each element present – this makes breeding them more complex, since success cannot be assured and may end in duplicating one of their parents.

Quad element monsters present an additional challenge as they require two monsters that both possess that element. Unfortunately, most quad monsters are either rare or Epic and cannot be bred from common parents.


Elements are pure substances that cannot be broken down into smaller atoms, grouped into 92 naturally occurring elements with some also produced artificially in labs for a total of approximately 118 elements. MSM elements play an influential role in everything from monster breeding to island music production.

At MSM, players will first encounter single element monsters when breeding. They are relatively straightforward and require low investment levels for breeding success. Next comes double element monsters; although simple in creation but often require both single and double parent to succeed. Epic monsters further complicate matters with specific combinations varying depending on island and often being gated by events or games events.

Quad element monsters require even greater attention to detail in terms of breeding requirements. At present, this monster type can only be obtained via the market and breeding can occur by pairing Oaktopus and Drumpler together, or Clamble and Toe Jammer together.

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