Top 10 Alternatives to for Live Cricket Streaming
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Top 10 Alternatives to for Live Cricket Streaming

Welcome to the fascinating world of cricket fans! Are you a die-hard cricket fan looking for the best live cricket streaming services? Look no further as we set out to discover the top 10 mylivecricket alternatives. We have you covered whether you’re an avid follower of international matches, heart-pounding T20s, or the explosive intensity of local leagues. Prepare to find a number of amazing platforms that provide top-notch videos. A wide selection of matches, and a cricketing experience unlike any other. Therefore, buckle up and let’s enter the world of live cricket action! Your Live Cricket Streaming Destination

The website mylivecricket offers live cricket streaming services to appeal to cricket fans. It is probably a third-party website that broadcasts cricket matches from different international competitions and events. The website’s key selling point is its capacity to provide high-quality video broadcasts of live cricket events. Which makes it a desirable choice for cricket fans who want to follow matches in real-time.

Some of’s most notable features include:

1. Live Streaming: Real-time live streaming of cricket matches is probably available on my livecricket. Enabling people to follow their favourite teams and players from any location with an internet connection.

2. Wide Range of contests: The platform may broadcast a variety of cricket contests. Including ODIs, Test matches, T20 competitions, and international and domestic league games.

3. User-Friendly Interface: Users finds it simple to browse and locate the live streams of the matches they wish to watch.

4. Support for Multiple Devices: The website is probably designed to be seen on a variety of platforms. Including desktop PCs, Android phones, and iPhones, giving consumers flexibility and convenience.

5. Free Service: As you just heard, is a platform that is free to use, making it a desirable choice for cricket lovers on a tight budget. Who wants to watch live cricket without paying any extra fees.

6. Match Highlights and Replays: In addition to live streaming, may also provide match highlights and replays for viewers. Who were unable to watch the action live or who want to remember the thrilling moments of a match.

7. Real-Time Score Updates: During live matches, the website may provide real-time score updates and statistics. Enabling users to keep up with the most recent events.

10 Best Alternatives for for Seamless Entertainment

Here are the 10 best Mylivecricket alternatives:

1. Hotstar (now Disney+ Hotstar): 

Features: Hotstar is an all-encompassing streaming service that provides live cricket streaming for a variety of cricket events. Including international contests, regional leagues, and significant tournaments like the Indian Premier League (IPL). High-definition footage, multilingual commentary, match highlights, and knowledgeable analysis are all provided.

Subscription options: Hotstar provides both free and premium plans. A monthly or annual cost is required for the premium membership. It offers access to premium material including films and TV series as well as live sports, including cricket.

2. Willow TV: 

Features: Willow TV is a specialist cricket broadcaster that provides live streaming of cricket matches from many nations. Including international contests and regional competitions. It delivers on-demand match replays and highlights and covers important cricket events.

Cost: Because Willow TV is a subscription-based service, its prices may change depending on your region and the subscription’s duration.

3. SonyLIV:

Features: SonyLIV is a well-liked streaming service that offers live cricket streaming. For international games, national leagues, and regional cricket competitions. It provides HD footage, match highlights, and more sports stuff.

Subscription options: SonyLIV provides both free and premium plans. Cricket is one of the live sports that are available with premium membership.  Along with other extras like films and TV episodes.

4. ESPN+: 

Features: ESPN+ is a streaming platform that provides live streaming of a variety of sporting events, including cricket matches. Even though its primary concentration is on sports in North America, it includes cricket coverage from other nations and leagues.

Cost: ESPN+ has a monthly or annual membership price and uses a subscription-based business strategy. Depending on the material accessible in your area, the membership may include access to cricket matches.

5. Sky Sports: 

Features: Sky Sports, a well-known sports network in the UK, provides substantial live cricket coverage. Including matches from abroad and regional competitions. The website offers in-depth analysis, match previews, and discussion threads after games.

Cost: Sky Sports provides a variety of subscription plans, including specific sports passes and all-inclusive packages. Depending on the degree of access you want, the price may change.

6. SuperSport: 

Features: SuperSport is one of Africa’s top sports broadcasters. It offers live streaming of cricket events from across the globe. Including international matches and significant tournaments.

Cost: Depending on your area and subscription plan, SuperSport’s cost may change.

7. Cricket Australia Live: 

Features: It offers live streaming of Australian cricket matches, including both local and international contests featuring Australia. Cricket Australia Live is an official platform of Cricket Australia.

Pricing: Depending on the tournaments and matches covered, the site may provide a variety of subscription options. Including match passes or season passes.

8. ESPN Cricinfo: 

Features: ESPN Cricinfo is one of the top cricket websites that offers live scores. Ball-by-ball analysis, and match updates for different cricket matches. It’s a great site for watching live cricket activity even if it doesn’t provide live streaming directly.

Cost: Access to ESPN Cricinfo is normally free, however certain features may ask for registration or a paid membership.

9. CricketGateway: 

Features: CricketGateway is a streaming service that specialises in offering live cricket content. Including matches from across the world and the United States. It could include games from various cricketing countries and competitions.

Price: Depending on your area and the sort of subscription you choose, CricketGateway’s price structure may change.

10. WatchESPN: 

Features: Viewers in the United States may access WatchESPN, a streaming service. It provides live streaming of a variety of sporting events, including cricket matches from ESPN’s coverage.

Cost: WatchESPN is often offered at no extra charge to customers of participating cable or satellite TV providers.

Before signing up, remember to verify these platforms’ most recent features. Also the price information to make sure they suit your needs and budget. Verify that a platform is accessible in your area before using it since some may have geographical limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is an official website of any cricketing organisation?

A1: No, mylivecricket is not an official website of any cricketing organization. It is a third-party website that streams live cricket matches.

Q2: Can I watch live cricket matches on for free?

A2: Yes, is a free-to-use platform, allowing you to watch live cricket matches without any additional costs.

Q3: What types of cricket matches are available on

A3: offers a wide variety of matches. Including international fixtures, domestic leagues, T20 tournaments, ODIs, and Test matches.

Q4: Can I access on my mobile devices?

A4: Yes, is accessible on various devices. Including desktop computers, Android phones, and iPhones, providing flexibility for users.

Q5: Are the live streams on reliable and of high quality?

A5: my livecricket has a good reputation for providing reliable streaming services with high-quality video. Making it a popular choice among cricket fans. However, as with any third-party streaming site, there might be occasional interruptions or availability issues.


In conclusion, you no longer have to miss out on the exhilarating live cricket action. Thanks to the abundance of mylivecricket alternatives. There is something for every cricket lover. From Hotstar’s varied offers to Willow TV’s specialised cricket programming and SonyLIV’s extensive platform. These 10 alternatives for mylivecricket will keep you entertained whether you like the ferocity of an India vs. Australia match or the elegance of England vs. New Zealand. So, grab some popcorn and enjoy the thrill of live cricket streaming on these excellent services. I hope you enjoy the game and that your favourite team wins!

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