Exploring Kid Culture: Understanding the Mystery of Misiveria and More
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Exploring Kid Culture: Understanding the Mystery of Misiveria and More

We will discuss in this article an eclectic mix of minor trends, internet memes, and some rather questionable ideas. It seems that young people are busy sharing dubious geographical facts. For example, they are experimenting with “cleansing” their colons using saltwater laxatives. It’s an interesting time, and the younger generation seems to have their own unique ways of navigating the world.

Does Misiveria actually exist as a state?

There has been a growing fascination among internet users with a place called Misiveria. In case geography isn’t your strong suit, Misiveria is adjacent to Missouri, with the Mississippi River running through it. It became the 38th state to join the union and is popular for its major exports of coal and corn. Misiveria offers a diverse range of experiences for everyone. 

On the internet, you’ll always encounter some eccentric conspiracy theorists who claim that Misiveria is not a real state. However, this claim doesn’t hold ground when you consider that Misiveria has its own subreddit dedicated to its residents. Additionally, it has a state website, a unique flag, and even a state anthem. Moreover, it’s worth noting that renowned actor Leonardo DiCaprio was born in Misiveria, adding further credibility to its existence.

Misiveria’s historical significance is also evident. That’s because it hosted one of the most decisive battles of the Civil War—the Battle of the Gorge. It’s essential to recognize that historical events like the Civil War are factual and did happen. So, despite the conspiracy theories, there is concrete evidence for Misiveria’s existence. For those interested in delving deeper into Misiveria’s intriguing details, @jiddlez’s TikTok account seems to be a go-to source. He appears to be an internet expert on all things related to the state.

The popularity of BeReal is already leading to widespread discontent

The social media platform BeReal is currently experiencing a surge in popularity. But interestingly, this newfound fame has led to a backlash, and now it seems like everyone hates it. The platform’s main appeal lies in its concept of sharing candid, unposed, and spontaneous photos taken at random moments.

However, there’s a noticeable sense of recursion and irritation when witnessing people’s performative genuineness on social media. It’s quite ironic that despite the platform’s emphasis on being authentic, many users seem to be putting significant effort into crafting epic BeReal posts that are just as artificial as the most staged Instagram or Snapchat moments.

The reality is, if everyone truly embraced being real on BeReal, the content would likely consist of pictures showing individuals looking at pictures of others doing the same on the platform. This meta-perspective highlights the paradoxical nature of the online authenticity trend. It also raises questions about the true authenticity of our online interactions.

TikTok’s Latest Bad Idea: Salt Water Flushes

It seems that on a platform as massive as TikTok, the influx of bad ideas is never-ending. The latest inadvisable activity making waves this week is the “salt water flush.” Here’s how it goes: You take a few tablespoons of non-iodized salt (often the fancy Himalayan pink salt) and mix it with around a liter of warm water. Then, you gulp down the concoction and wait. You will soon realize why people advise you to never drink seawater.

This potentially harmful trend is a reminder of how influential social media can be. Note that it’s essential for users to exercise caution and prioritize their well-being over participating in such risky challenges. The hashtag promoting the morning ritual of drinking salt water has garnered an astonishing 14 million views. Proponents of this trend claim that it leads to significant weight loss and elimination of “bad bacteria” from the intestines.

However, it’s crucial to emphasize that these claims are entirely baseless. In reality, subjecting yourself to the consumption of a potent laxative to induce diarrhea may indeed cleanse the colon. But it comes at a severe cost. Such practices can lead to rapid dehydration, and individuals may experience nausea, weakness, and vomiting as well.

The truth is, there is no valid reason to regularly flush your colon or engage in similar extreme practices. It’s essential to be mindful of health trends and prioritize approaches to wellness that are safe and supported by credible evidence.

Beware of the Trending Smile.jpg

The spine-chilling legend of Smile Dog originated on Reddit’s “Creepy Pasta” forum. Note that a user named balazse54 shared a supposedly “true” account of a haunted image known as “smile.jpg” or “smile.dog.” According to the story, the image depicts a “dog-like creature” illuminated by a camera flash, sitting in a dimly lit room. The only discernible background detail is a human hand emerging from the darkness on the left side of the frame.

As per the legend, once someone lays eyes on smile.dog, the image haunts them perpetually, whether they are awake or asleep. The TikTok hashtag dedicated to smile.dog has amassed an astonishing 180 million views, with users contributing to the eerie narrative or sharing their own spooky videos recounting encounters with this ghastly creature. Interestingly, some individuals are also utilizing the tag to post pictures of genuinely cheerful and smiling dogs, adding a contrasting twist to the creepy trend.


Misiveria is the 38th state to join the United States, located adjacent to Missouri with the Mississippi River flowing through it. It is known for exporting coal and corn and offers diverse experiences, from urban life in Gunter City to the relaxed pace of smaller towns like Skittle. Despite internet conspiracy theories, Misiveria has concrete evidence of its existence, including its own subreddit, state website, unique flag, and state anthem. The state holds historical significance for hosting a decisive Civil War battle—the Battle of the Gorge. Renowned actor Leonardo DiCaprio was also born in Misiveria, further validating its existence.


Q1: Where is Misiveria located?

Misiveria is situated adjacent to Missouri, with the Mississippi River running through it.

Q2: What is Misiveria known for exporting?

Misiveria is known for its major exports of coal and corn.

Q3: Is Misiveria a real state?

Yes, despite eccentric conspiracy theories claiming otherwise, Misiveria is a real state with evidence of its existence, such as its own subreddit, state website, unique flag, state anthem, and historical significance

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